Amusement Park Accident Attorney

Whether you have a need for speed or love the thrill of heights, amusement parks have always been a fun and easy way to entertain both children and adults. In fact, when many of us think of amusement parks, we think of the family trips and childhood memories of spending the day out in the sun. However, what happens when parks don’t maintain their rollercoasters? Or what if the operator doesn’t do his job correctly?

There are multiple types of negligent or reckless acts that can lead to amusement park accidents. Although some occur due to consumer behavior, other common causes include operator error, mechanical failure, defective design, faulty safety equipment, and poor maintenance. These accidents can lead to serious injury and sometimes death.

Amusement park claims can become confusing due to the numerous areas of law involved, including product liability, tort law, and premises liability. At The Buckley Law Group we are equipped to handle your case and have experience with each of these areas of law. If you or a loved one has been injured at an amusement park, call the Buckley Law Group. We will evaluate your accident and damages and discuss your legal options with you without charge.

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