Aviation Accident Lawyers

Aviation has revolutionized the way in which we travel. Airplanes and airlines operated properly can provide a quick and safe alternative to ground travel. However, many times due to negligent and unsafe practices, the unthinkable can occur and air travel is faced with disaster. Unfortunately, airplane crashes, helicopter crashes and serious incidents not only affect the passengers and their families, but also bystanders on the ground. These catastrophic events range from commercial airline to private and charter airplane and helicopter accidents.

Due to the inherent complications in these types of events, the legal claims of those affected can face many obstacles, including: determining responsible parties, the causes of the accident, the proper law, proper state, and the proper court in which to assert a claim for losses.

Those affected by a catastrophic airplane crash may be entitled to bring legal claims for recovery for their losses. There are a wide variety of legal claims that could be sought, including those claiming negligence, where the accident was caused as a result of human error or a products liability claim against the aircraft manufacturer or one of its component part’s manufacturers. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of an airplane crash, call the Buckley Law Group today. We are dedicated to investigating your case and obtaining fair compensation for our clients. Further, we take aviation cases on a contingency fee basis, so if we don’t win money for you, you’ll owe us nothing.

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