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It’s no secret that crude oil is in high demand. As the United States works to build a more independent oil industry, drilling continues to increase both on and offshore. Although these rigs create thousands of jobs for workers looking to make good money, they’re signing up for an extremely dangerous job.

There are many causes of these explosions, and sadly, they’re often preventable. OSHA has laid out numerous regulations to help minimize injuries, and when these regulations are violated, they can lead to severe or even fatal injury. Some of the main causes of these explosions include:

  • Inadequate safety practices
  • Poor maintenance
  • Metal fatigue or corrosion
  • Chemical damage
  • Pipeline punctures and dents
  • Defective products

Injuries caused by these explosions are many times life-changing. Many people suffer from dismemberment from limbs being trapped, burn injuries, and brain injuries from falling debris or lack of oxygen. Contact the Buckley Law Group for a free consultation about your legal options. Our staff has experience investigating the cause of the explosion and negotiating with insurers. We will aggressively fight to make sure you receive enough compensation to meet your needs.


Thousands of people go to work every day in the manufacturing and refining industries. These jobs consist of handling heavy machinery or toxic exposure, which makes plants one of the most dangerous workplaces. Workers are at risk of losing limbs, severe burns, or being crushed by falling objects. Of these injuries, the most severe occur when explosions happen within the plant. These explosions can result in broken bones from falling debris, third-degree burns, and even death.

Although the cause of these explosions varies with the type of industrial plant, one of the major causes is lack of maintenance. Before these machines are used, OSHA has implemented certain guidelines for machinery that must be fulfilled. If these guidelines are ignored, problems can occur such as corroded equipment which can lead to severe or even fatal injuries.

Another common cause of explosions is lack of training by the employer. The employer has a duty to train his employees and ensure that they know safety regulations. Employees must understand the safest way to operate equipment and react if something goes wrong. If your injuries were the result of lack of maintenance, lack of training, or the careless acts of a co-worker, you may have a right to compensation.

At the Buckley Law Group we understand that these injuries can be life-altering, and you may never be able to return to work. We also understand that plant explosions do not just have an impact on the workers injured at the plant. They impact the families left behind and traumatize the workers that witnessed the death of their friends and co-workers. We want to make sure that you are taken care of during this difficult time, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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