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When a day of fun takes an unexpected turn, the consequences can be serious. Trampoline park injuries range from common wounds such as sprains and dislocations to more grievous conditions including skull fractures and spinal cord damage. Those injured may face only a few doctor’s visits or experience multiple surgeries along with expensive medical bills to heal more critical trauma. If you or your child has been injured at a trampoline park, contact the Buckley Law Group attorneys today for a free case evaluation. Our team is dedicated to righting wrongs and fighting for your right to compensation.


Trampoline parks are a fun and popular way of entertaining both kids and adults. They seem perfect for birthday parties, play dates, and escaping the summer heat; however, some studies have shown that these indoor parks can pose serious dangers due to park negligence, including defective design, construction or improper maintenance. While it may be exhilarating to feel like you’re free falling, safely landing back on your feet is just one of the numerous outcomes. Exposed metal springs, frames, poles, and even the ground pose potential risks that can throw you off balance and result in bodily trauma.

As the number of trampoline parks increases so is the number of injuries. A study published in 2016 by the American Academy of Pediatrics determined that in 2014, trampoline parks yielded almost 7,000 emergency room visits, approximately 6,400 more than in 2010. Of those 7,000, 1 in 11 injured was admitted to the hospital, more than 9%.

Researchers further discovered sprains are 61% more likely to occur at trampoline parks as opposed to home trampolines, and younger children are more likely to experience fractures, accounting for about half of the injuries sustained by children 6 and under. Common injuries noted in the study include lacerations, sprains, and contusions while more critical conditions such as skull fractures, open leg fractures, and spinal cord damage were observed less frequently.


Landing on your feet is the ultimate goal when jumping on trampolines, but it’s not a guarantee. The slightest misstep can transform a fun time into a painful experience. Common causes of trampoline park injuries include:

  • Collision between two jumpers
  • Falling or jumping off a trampoline
  • Landing on trampoline springs/frames
  • Attempting flips which poses an elevated risk of spinal cord injury


When an invitee – a person who enters onto another’s property with an implied invitation – is injured on that property, they may be able to pursue a premises liability and negligence claim. Premises liability involves an injury caused by an unsafe condition on someone’s property, and negligence is the breach of a legal duty owed to another party. In the eyes of the law, invitees are owed the highest duty of care, meaning the property owner must use reasonable and ordinary care to keep the property safe and protect the invitee from unreasonable risks and injuries. When the property owner’s failure to ensure the invitee’s safety causes the injury, they have acted with negligence.

Trampoline parks have a duty to ensure their trampolines are safe for use, and that includes minimizing collisions and maintaining their equipment. They must guarantee safety features are operating as they should, foreseeable dangers are negated, and safety rules are enforced; however, when one of those vital elements is neglected by the park and the invitee is hurt, those injured may be able to pursue a premises liability and negligence claim.


Signing a waiver does not absolve trampoline parks from all liability. It does not protect the parks acting in a negligent manner. When a park violates the standard of care and duty owed to an invitee, a waiver does not negate their liability for injuries sustained. For example, physical trauma caused by exposed springs, unenforced safety rules, and unaddressed collision risks are all examples of trampoline parks violating their legal duty.

As long as you or your child were following the rules outlined in the waiver and the fault of the injury is the result of the park’s breach of duty, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation.


If you or your child has been negligently injured at a trampoline park, you may be eligible to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and more. Call or contact the Buckley Law Group today! Our experienced attorneys will review your case and discuss with you the different options available for proceeding with your claim.

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